Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend”: Listen To The Full Song

Robbie Daw | March 26, 2012 7:31 am

Now that we’re hearing Justin Bieber’s lead Believe single “Boyfriend” in full, it’s less of the early-’90s homage than we initially imagined (based on the short snippets from last week) and more of a Justin Timberlake-esque foray into mature pop. Well, save for the lyrical usage of “swag” and “swaggie” — those, quite frankly, could have been left out of this Mike Posner co-write. (Then again, it is a Mike Posner co-write.) Listen below.

It would seem, from this single, that Complex cover guy Bieber, at the sage-like age of 18, has wisely chosen (or been told) to leave behind the silliness of songs like “Mistletoe” and start manning up a bit with the music. At least we hope so.

We’re liking what we hear, JB, and if a certain Mr. Timberlake is content with leaving his own once-phenomenal pop career behind, there’s no reason why, with the right material, you shouldn’t have a shot at the throne.

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