Whitney Houston’s Friend Confesses To Sweeping Hotel Room Of Drugs

Becky Bain | March 26, 2012 3:59 pm

The more famous you get, the harder it is to trust those close to you. A man named Raffles van Exel, who was a “friend” of Whitney Houston, has confessed to clearing her hotel room of drugs after finding out about her death. This is the same man who reportedly sold the photo of Houston in the casket at her funeral to the National Enquirer and sold photos of her hotel room to TMZ.

Exel spoke to Dutch newspaper The Telegraph, confessing that, “The room had to be emptied” of drugs and that “someone had to do it.” Exel was one of of the three people with access to the hotel room, including Houston’s sister-in-law Patricia and her husband Gary.

Though we find his loyalty to Houston suspicious (what good friend sells photos of you from your funeral to the tabloids?), he was close enough with the Houston family to attend both viewings and the private memorial. He even flew to the “home going” service in New Jersey with Patricia and Gary on Tyler Perry’s private jet.

But Raffles van Exel’s curious association with Houston isn’t the only high profile relationship he’s had with a celebrity — he was also known to spend quite some time with Michael Jackson while the pop star was still alive.

Beverly Hills police are still investigating how Houston acquired the drugs that played a part in her death. We know of at least one shady suspect that they might want to look into…

[Via Celebuzz]