Kendrick Lamar Chats With Carson Daly At SXSW

Becky Bain | March 27, 2012 11:01 am

We weren’t the only ones baking in the Austin sun while rubbing elbows with music’s buzziest new acts at South By Southwest. Carson Daly took his late night show on the road and hit up the fest, spending a bit of time talking to rapper Kendrick Lamar about working on his album Good Kid In A Mad City (due sometime this year). Lamar also shared quite an interesting encounter with none other than Dr. Dre. Watch below, and look out for Lamar at yet another high-profile music fest next month.

“Since the day I stepped in the studio, I always envisioned this first album and what it would be like and what I wanted to feel subconsciously. Lamar told Carson of his major label debut. “There’s really no pressure for me, it’s just me going in and doing what I love. Executing. All those years of preparation and dedicated to my craft, I feel like it’s time now where I know I’m going to execute, I know I’ll give the people what they need and what they expect from me. And what I expect from myself, at the end of the day.”

Lamar grew up in Compton, and recalls the time his dad took him to where Tupac and Dr. Dre were shooting a music video in the neighborhood. “That was huge because these are people that we consider icons in the ghetto,” said Kendrick. “I was putting out that energy in the universe so much to the day where I’m actually in the studio with Snoop and Dre.”