William Orbit Talks About Working With Madonna — And Kreayshawn Is Next

Becky Bain | March 27, 2012 11:42 am

Madonna has developed quite a strong relationship with producer William Orbit over the years — the two packed quite a punch (and snagged a few Grammys) for their work on 1998’s Ray Of Light, and the two have teamed up for six tracks on Madge’s latest dancefloor mainstay, MDNA. Though the LP sounds totally current and on trend with the sound of dance-pop today — dubstep breakdowns, four-on-the-floor beats, Nicki Minaj — Orbit swears they kept their ears closed from listening to the Top 40 while creating the album. “We never played tracks by everybody else, all the current artists. It’s a dangerous road to go down,” he tells MTV. “It doesn’t work.”

“We liked what we’re doing in this current time and space,” Orbit continued. “What we tended to do was watch old French films from the ’60s or listen to music that was so far away that it wasn’t, in any way, relevant.”

While sharing an amusing anecdote about the one time they did listen to any current music, Orbit reveals a surprising collaboration — he’s been working with Kreayshawn, too.

“There was a moment when we were waiting for Pro Tools to reboot, or something like that, and we were just looking at links on YouTube,” he recalled. “And I was showing her Kreayshawn, and I’ve been working with her, and I really like her. And she’s obviously got this track out called ‘Hoes on My Dick’ [with the line] ” ’cause I look like Madonna.’ And, I played it for Madonna… then she was saying afterwards ‘Hoes on my dick, ’cause I am Madonna.’ That was about the only time we looked at any serious contemporary pop music.”

From Madonna to… Kreayshawn? We’re not sure if going from the Queen of Pop to the “Gucci Gucci” girl will be a total breeze for Orbit, or if he’s seriously got his work cut out for him.