Madonna March Madness: “Like A Prayer” Meets “Hung Up” In The Final Round

Nicole Sia | March 29, 2012 6:00 am

It’s all come down to this, Madonna fans! MDNA has arrived, March is headed to a close and so Madonna March Madness must crown the Greatest Madonna Video Of All Time. But, as in all the previous matchups, that decision is left to you. After the last round, your votes have placed Madge’s controversial Pepsi contract-canceling “Like A Prayer” video against the video-that-launched-a thousand-American-Apparel-leotards, “Hung Up.” Head below to cast your vote before polls close on Saturday, March 31 at 11:59 p.m. EST, then tune in Monday, April 2 when we announce the big winner.

To recap: Boy, it’s been an interesting journey! Madonna March Madness started out with 23 videos battling it out for three coveted wildcard slots in our official bracket. Those three — “Bad Girl”, “Nothing Really Matters” and “Open Your Heart” — moved into our round of 32, which saw eight videos facing off in each of the four eras of Madonna’s career: Material Girl, Blond Ambition, Sex-y and Queen Of Pop. (Click the image above to see the complete list of original video contenders.) Sixteen videos emerged from that, and from them, eight moved on. And that’s when things got real, with assumed finalist “Vogue” falling — to our shock and dismay — to “Bedtime Story.” We complained about it, but it is what it is. Now the Blond Ambition era’s “Like A Prayer” goes up against the Queen Of Pop era’s “Hung Up”, and it’s up to you to determine whether New Madonna is in fact better than Old Madonna. Anyway, get to voting…

“LIKE A PRAYER” VS. “HUNG UP” Madonna, “Like A Prayer”

Madonna, “Hung Up”

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