Madonna March Madness: The Winner Is…

Nicole Sia | April 2, 2012 12:00 pm

And that’s a wrap, folks! With more than 25,000 votes cast over the last three weeks, Madonna March Madness has crowned its winner. Well, you have crowned the winner. (Point being, you only have yourselves to blame.) The final round placed “Like A Prayer”‘s religious inferno against “Hung Up”‘s disco leotard, and though the controversial hit had Black Jesus on its side, “Hung Up” delivered a punch-kick-sashay combo that sent the 1989 MTV Video Music Award winner to the afterlife. Watch Madonna take a victory lap around the dance studio one last time below.

Congrats “Hung Up”! We’re happy for you, we guess. You can click the bracket above to see how “Hung Up” battled its way to the title spot — and the results of all of our Madonna March Madness matchups — in, you know, a legible size.

Madonna, “Hung Up” video

Do you think “Hung Up” deserved to win our Madonna March Madness tournament? If not, well, tough luck. You didn’t get enough of your friends to vote. Tell us how angry that makes you in the comments below, or on Facebook and Twitter.