‘The Voice’: Gym Class Heroes & Neon Hitch Perform, Four Singers Go Home

Rae Votta | April 4, 2012 7:05 am

On Monday night (Apr. 2), the 12 contestants that made up Teams Blake and Christina took the stage to sing for America’s votes in the first of The Voice‘s live episodes this season. And last night each team bid farewell to two as the results of the first round of voting were revealed. But before we get to that, Travie McCoy and his Gym Class Heroes performed “Ass Back Home,” joined by seductress Neon Hitch, fresh off her SXSW gigs. Team Adam ended up on stage and sang along with their mics turned off. We can’t wait until they turn their mics on next week.

First up, Team Blake went to Go Country radio station to show the world that there’s nothing that compares to the power of radio — well, except the Internet — and to announce an acoustic performance in Los Angeles. Except one-third of the team is about to go home. Team Christina, on the other hand, paid a visit to Jay Leno to talk about getting America to like you. Jay tells them not to buy any cars, and save as much as they can. They get to perform duets on the show while Christina is the guest, which blows Blake’s radio trip out of the water. Then it’s on to the voting results.

MOVING ON TO THE NEXT ROUNDTeam Blake: Erin WillettJermaine Paul Raelynn Team Christina: Jesse Campbell Lindsey Chris Mann

SINGING FOR THEIR LIVES Team Blake: Jordis Unga Charlotte Sometimes Naia Keta

Team Christina: Moses Stone Sera Hill Ashley De La Rosa

Naia is up first with “If I Were A Boy” by Beyoncé. The performance was too whispery and breathy, with real pitch problems in the chorus — not the way to get saved. Blake commented that he wished she’d sung reggae. Charlotte Sometimes sings “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls, letting her obvious anger at her position seep into the performance. Jordis Unga finishes with “Wild Horses” by the Rolling Stones, the best vocal of the three and the one that Blake chooses to save. As much potential as Naia and Charlotte had, this is the right selection in this round.

Jordis Unga, “Wild Horses”

Team Christina took the stage next, with Ashley De La Rosa singing “Paris Ooh la la” by Grace Potter. She put a lot of energy into, which is exactly what you need to do in a last chance situation. Sera Hill put it all on the line, pulling out Mariah Carey’s “Vision of Love.” Her confidence and stage presence are not where they were Monday night, even though her vocal was clean and beautiful. Moses Stone finished off with “Break Even, Falling to Pieces” by The Script, deviating from rap and the rap-adjacent style he’s been focused on. We guess he’s trying to show himself as a singer and not just a rapper, but in this situation he needed to play to his strengths and not go cray. Christina goes with her gut and heart and saved Ashley De La Rosa.

Ashley De La Rosa, “Paris Ooh La La”

ELIMINATED Naia (Team Blake) Charlotte Sometimes (Team Blake) Sera Hill (Team Christina) Moses Stone (Team Christina)

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