Katy Perry Gropes Herself On The Cover Of ‘Esquire’

admin | June 25, 2010 10:50 am

The only person besides Russell Brand who can cop a feel of Katy Perry’s cupcakes is apparently Katy Perry. That’s too bad for everyone else on the planet, but the good news is, Katy has absolutely no problem letting everybody watch her do it on the cover of Esquire.

Katy, who originally wanted to title her album Teenage Wet Dream (wonder why that one didn’t get approved), recently previewed the remix to a track called “Peacock” while at a club in Toronto after the MuchMusic Awards. (This is the same bash where she partied so hard she hurt herself.) Quality of the video is low, but we’re already excited for a tongue-in-cheek ditty called “Peacock” to storm the radio.

Katy Perry – “Peacock” (DJ Moretti remix) (Live)

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