Idolator Just Got An Upgrade

Idolator Staff | April 5, 2012 3:00 pm

The best pop stars we know endure because they find ways to reinvent themselves repeatedly over time. (Looking at you, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Madonna and Jay-Z.) Today we’re taking a cue from our icons and doing a little re-inventing of our own. Welcome to the new and improved Idolator, custom-built to make your day… pop.

We’ve shifted to a wider layout to allow for bigger, bolder photos and king-size videos. Truth be told, we kind of needed the extra space to accommodate certain parts of J. Lo. anyway. Beyond that, we’ll have more flexibility to highlight related links and media throughout the site, as we did with the little box in the corner directing you to Kelly Clarkson’s best live performances.

A couple of other key improvements to watch for:

  • Improved delivery of eye candy, via faster and sharper photo galleries. What’s more, large photos will be equipped with a zoom feature, so when we tell you that Bieber’s socks don’t match, you’ll be able to take a closer look and confirm for yourself.
  • Better commenting/discussion features, including more seamless threading and the ability to vote comments up or down, or add photos, GIFs or videos. (Your user accounts and past comments are intact, of course.)
  • A slick news carousel at the top of each page to make navigation simpler than ever.

We’ll be working on some other bells and whistles too as we fiddle around under the hood, so please bear with us if key areas of the site go a little funky for a bit. That said, please feel free to comment here, or on Twitter or Facebook, to let us know if you experience any hiccups.

Hopefully you guys will enjoy the new changes. We’re going to do a little booty-shaking for a minute and then get back to delivering the deepest pop music news report we can.