Patrick Stump Guest Stars On ‘House’: Watch A Preview

Becky Bain | April 10, 2012 3:44 pm

Though it appears musical Renaissance man Patrick Stump is taking a break from his own tunes (at least according to his recent, totally depressing blog post), he’s working on a number of other projects. “I’ve been moonlighting as a professional songwriter/producer for hire and I’ve even been doing a bit of acting here and there,” he wrote on his blog in February, and it looks like that “bit of acting” is a guest spot on Fox’s House. In the episode, Stump puts on adorably geeky black frame glasses as a possible love interest for Charlyne Yi’s character, Dr. Park. And —what a coincidence! — he’s in a band.

It’s been a few years since Patrick’s last TV guest spot — he appeared on an episode of Law & Order back in 2008 — and we’re glad to see him landing roles again. During an interview we had with the singer last year, he told us that he wanted to give acting a solid try. “I want to try theater and proper acting,” Stump said, mentioning that he’s also writing a few scripts. “I take art seriously. I don’t want to just fuck with it and be an idiot. I don’t want the vanity project.”

Stump’s episode, “We Need The Eggs”, airs Monday April 16 on Fox.