Britney Spears To Receive $15 Million To Become A Judge On ‘The X Factor’

Becky Bain | April 11, 2012 12:33 pm

In the last few years, Britney Spears has kept interviews to a minimum, and even the chats she gave seemed to be lacking depth. Finally, it looks like Brit will be free to speak her mind — and help aspiring singers in the process. Though neither Fox nor Spears’ reps have yet to confirm the news, E! Online reports that the pop star and producers of The X Factor have agreed on a $15 million payday for Britney to join the show as a judge. (That buys a whole lot of vanilla-scented candles!) If this comes to pass, Spears will be the highest paid judge on reality TV, beating out Jennifer Lopez‘s $12 millon fee she gets for her work on American Idol.

Spears was reportedly offered $10 million to join the US edition of the competition show for its second season, a smart move for a show which struggled finding a die-hard audition for its debut season. Britney’s team responded by demanding $16 million, and it appears that a compromise was reached at $15 million. “All they need to do now is work out the smaller points,” says a source. “The fact the money is now set, means that there is nothing stopping this from becoming a reality.

It also looks like Britney can carpool to work with her fiance (and most likely her co-conservator) Jason Trawick. Jason will reportedly come on board The X Factor as a producer. Says the source, “Jason is expected to be there every day Britney is on set. He is her rock and will help guide her through the process. He is the person she trusts the most.”

A production insider adds, “It’ll be a fun project and [Britney] is welcoming the chance to mentor up-and-coming artists. She loves the idea of helping emerging talent get the recognition they deserve and is really looking forward to being on the show.”

In addition to hiring Britney, Simon Cowell is also hiring an additional judge, and two more hosts. Though honestly, do you even need (or can afford) another judge when you’ve got Britney on your panel?