Gotye And Kimbra Get To Know ‘Saturday Night Live’

Idolator Staff | April 15, 2012 12:13 am

Gotye‘s hotly anticipated performance on Saturday Night Live came as his haunting hit “Somebody That I Used To Know” was already in striking distance of the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100, and the early raves for his live rendition with Kimbra in Studoio 8H just might vault the Australian electro-pop artist across the finish line. (It doesn’t hurt that the song just got covered on Glee). In a dramatic but elegant performance, Gotye added fresh depth to a song perhaps best known for that stop-motion body-paint music video. (The video was hilariously re-created by SNL‘s Andy Samberg and Taran Killam, with Gotye’s help, later in the show). Watch the performance above, plus his second number, “Eyes Wide Open”, and the music video skit below.

Though “Somebody” has been a worldwide hit for months, there was still a sense of excitement about the appearance of both Gotye and Kimbra performing on one of America’s best-known TV platforms. Gotye tweeted a photo of his dressing room; midway through the show, band-mate Tim Shiel tweeted a pic of himself drying his armpits with a hair-dryer. It was a huge night for Kimbra as well: she told MTV that she and Gotye were well aware of the stakes. (How much bigger could they get? They’re already two of the 30 greatest pop artists right now). Gotye, “Eyes Wide Open” (Live on SNL)

“I think SNL is so well-known for its musical performances, as well, and people really breaking into America through a really great performance on there,” she said. “So I think me and Gotye are both really excited to be amongst such company. You know, it’s great.”

Kimbra noted that she wouldn’t appear in any SNL skits (“That would be fun, but I’m not very funny”). But Gotye himself did, as he gamely allowed two of the show’s funniest cast members to send up his phenomenally popular video.

Andy Samberg, Taran Killam spoof Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” (SNL)

Following the SNL performance, Gotye heads out to California’s Coachella music festival (where he’s one of our must-see acts). Is Gotye somebody you know will continue to knock out big hits? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments.