Miley Cyrus Has A Party In Her ‘LOL’ Screen Test

Idolator Staff | April 17, 2012 12:04 pm

Is Miley Cyrus a born star? (We know what her achy breaky father would say). At least we know she wasn’t just handed her role as Lola in LOL, Lisa Azuelos’ American adaptation of her hit French film: she had to screen test like everyone else. In the newly surfaced video, Miley runs through the script with Ashley Hinshaw and Lind Esco, two of her co-stars. It may not be much of an acting stretch, but Miley sounds like a typically fast-talking, somewhat inappropriate teenage girl. (“You’re on a long ride to skankville,” she tells a friend). She’s no natural — and that’s particularly clear when she’s next to real, working actors. But did she just land the perfect part for her personality?

In the screen test, Miley talks with her friends about one of their crushes, and at one point pretends to field a phone call from her mother, who will be played by Demi Moore in the film. “What? No I’m not wearing your cashmere sweater, Mom.” AS IF.

The big question for Miley as she pursues her silver screen ambitions will be whether she can overcome critics’ skepticism and improve from her last performance, in 2010’s The Last Song. Rotten Tomatoes’ critics panned that film as “shamelessly manipulative” and noted that Cyrus was “miscast and overmatched”.

LOL is expected to kick off in theaters (in limited release) May 4.

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