Ke$ha Lends Some Crazy To The Flaming Lips’ “2012 (You Must Be Upgraded)”

X. Alexander | April 22, 2012 12:06 pm

Well, it’s finally here — Ke$ha’s collaboration with The Flaming Lips. And, as anticipated, it’s a mid-tempo love ditty about finding the inner courage to stay true to yourself. Just kidding! It’s totally bonkers and about doing acid during the apocalypse, featuring distorted guitars, a lot of clanging, and quite possibly more than one tortured cat. (No baby seals, though.) In short, everything we expected after that wild behind-the-scenes video featuring mountains of (fake?) cocaine. “It’s 2012, think we’re going to Hell,” K-Dolla sings before listing reasons why she may be doing just that. “I’m having fun while you’re having pain.” (Depending on your tolerance for screeching, that may indeed be the case.) If ever there was a song to put someone’s beard in your mouth, it is Ke$ha’s “Put Your Beard In My Mouth.” And if there is another, it is this. Listen below.

It’s the sort of bizarre collaboration that could only come from two people who are completely psyched about inking their toes. (Ke$ha tweeted the other day that she’d given the Flaming Lips’ leader Wayne Coyne his first-ever tattoo.) Is Ke$ha in need of an upgrade herself on this track? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments.