Stream Santigold’s ‘Master Of My Make-Believe’ Album

Nicole Sia | April 24, 2012 9:04 am

Following her acclaimed 2008 debut, Santogold, and two dirt-slinging new music videos earlier this year, Santi White — you know her now as Santigold — offers up Master of My Make-Believe, an album that may as well function as the singer’s ground zero for singles. We first heard pieces of it at SXSW, where many of the tracks’ militaristic machine-gun beats demanded Santi be flanked on stage by two bizarro ballerina foot soldiers. “Disparate Youth” and “Big Mouth” were early indicators of the way the Philly native was rethinking Top 40 on her sophomore release, which pairs tunnels of echoing harmonies with elements of reggae and island percussion and then passes them them through an industrial pop grinder. It’s definitely worth your time. Master of My Make-Believe is out May 1, but you can hear it now at NPR.