Garbage May Release EP Later This Year

Becky Bain | April 24, 2012 12:20 pm

Garbage had a lengthy chat with Billboard about label drama, reuniting as a band after an extended hiatus, and what they plan to do with the overflow of material they created during the recording process for their fifth studio album, Not Your Kind Of People (due May 14). The band revealed that they worked on “25 or 26” songs for their new LP, and though only 11 songs ended up making the cut (15 on the Deluxe Edition), the remaining tracks could be released as an EP — or start off a whole new Garbage album.

“We do want to finish a lot of these other songs,” band member Butch Vig says. “There’s a week coming off coming up in May, so we might try to mix three or four more of the ones that didn’t get mixed yet. Since we’re our own label now we may just put out an EP later in the year or add some bonus tracks to the next single. I think we want everything to come out because I think there are some great songs that didn’t make the record. I think you’re going to see a lot more material coming out the next year or so, so fans should just keep their eyes on Facebook and our web site and there may be some surprises.”

The band also discussed their frustrations dealing with their label (Interscope’s Geffen Records), which led to them starting their own label, STUNVOLUME. “We were just at odds with the whole (major label) system morally and intellectually,” Shirley Manson explains. “We were stuck with a record label who didn’t give two flying s***** about us because they couldn’t get us on the radio. They were totally disinterested and washed their hands of us… We were constantly surrounded by such negativity that it just ends up eating away at the individuals in the band and we began to take it out on one another. It was not a good situation.”

The singer reveals that Geffen even turned down the chance for her to release a solo album. “They thought it was too obtuse and too dark and they couldn’t get it played on pop radio and they wanted me to be the kind of artist to make big pop hits,” she recalls.

Read the full interview over at Billboard. And curse the skies that we were denied a Shirley Manson solo record. Curses!!