Ying Yang Twins & Greg Tecoz Tell You Exactly How To Dance To New Single “Fist Pump, Jump! Jump!”

X. Alexander | April 28, 2012 3:02 pm

Before we heard the full track, there were rumors that Justin Bieber was channeling Ying Yang Twins on his new single “Boyfriend,” reminding us: whatever happened to those guys? Turns out the crunk duo was readying the first single from their 2012 album All Around the World, “Fist Pump, Jump! Jump!”, featuring Greg Tecoz. “We got a whole lot of ladies and a whole of fellas / When you put them all together, they be ready for whatever,” the Twins growl over a RedOne-produced track that is both quite catchy and derivative of more songs than we can put our finger on (perhaps most notably, Van Halen’s “Jump,” with all that 80’s synth — not to mention the jumping).

“Fist Pump, Jump! Jump!” joins the long-standing tradition of songs featuring specific dances, and this one’s a lot easier to master than the “Macarena,” “Electric Slide,” “Cha-Cha Slide,” and even the “YMCA.” Just be careful to point that fist pump upward so as not to hit the guy next to you in the face, okay?

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