Kanye West Gets Beef From “I Don’t Like” Producer For His G.O.O.D. Music Remix

Becky Bain | May 2, 2012 11:55 am

Rising Chicago rapper Chief Keef has another thing to add to his list of dislikes in his song “I Don’t Like” — namely, Kanye West‘s remix of his song. Kanye and his G.O.O.D. Music crew dropped a remix of the teen MC’s track yesterday afternoon, and if you thought Keef’s team would be thrilled being given the Yeezy stamp of approval, think again. “Fuck that remix #dont tagg me in that shit at all,” tweeted the song’s producer, Young Chop, upon hearing Yeezy & Co’s take on the tune. His rage against Kanye didn’t end there — he spoke to Chicago radio’s DJ Moon Dog to explain the problem he had with G.O.O.D. Music’s remix. Young Chop’s incredibly NSFW response below:

Says the 18-year-old producer:

I’m mad as hell, I’m mad as fuck, for the simple fact that they did not ask me to change up shit in my beat. How the fuck did they add another melody over the instrumental? These motherfuckers is playing me and I don’t give two fucks, I will sue the shit out of Kanye West… They didn’t ask me for none of that, I don’t fucking like that. I made a fucking sound, so you supposed to stay with my fucking sound. The beat is fucking hard by itself. That shit don’t sound the same, it don’t got the same feel.

Chief Keef discussed being caught on Kanye’s radar to XXL in an interview conducted a week before the remix came out, and though he’s certainly not as angry as his producer, he doesn’t come off as being terribly excited about it, either. “I wasn’t surprised,” he said. “I was just like, ‘Kanye? Kanye wanna get on ‘I Don’t Like’? But I could understand it, ’cause I know he be on it to talk about what he don’t like. And I made the song and nobody had come out with that idea yet.”

West wanted Keef to add a new verse to the G.O.O.D. remix, but there was a little problem — the 16-year-old rapper was on house arrest for his involvement in a shooting that took place last December. So West sent someone to Keef’s grandma’s house (where he was staying for his house arrest) to record the verse and hook there. The rest is bitter history, at least as far as Young Chop is concerned.