Justin Bieber Helps Ryan Seacrest Make The Most Viral Video Ever

Becky Bain | May 4, 2012 4:13 pm

Ryan Seacrest recently celebrated garnering over 100 million views on his YouTube channel, but Justin Bieber — he who could probably get 100 million views on a video on YouTube before it’s even uploaded — knows Seacrest can do better. Ryan and The Bieb team up to create the Most Viral Video Ever, and honestly, the video has it all: puppies! Babies! Cover songs! (Specifically, Katy Perry‘s “Part Of Me.”) Double dream hands! But most importantly, it has the most important element of getting a viral hit: Justin Bieber.

Just how Internet-breaking is Bieber? Apparently, his “Boyfriend” video, which premiered yesterday (May 3), broke Vevo’s 24-hour watch record, according to a tweet from the site. “Final count coming in a couple of days, but it’ll well over 5 Million. #BoyfriendBrokeTheRecord. Already. @JustinBieber swag.”