Nicki Minaj’s Pepsi Commercial Celebrates “Now In A Moment”

Robbie Daw | May 7, 2012 8:10 am

Feeling parched on this Monday morning? Need a cool, fizzing beverage to wet your weary throat? Perhaps the extended cut of Nicki Minaj‘s “Now In A Moment” Pepsi commercial will do the trick. In the clip, a young couple learn (via drinking a can of Pepsi, naturally) that each moment should be lived to its fullest. A remix of Nicki’s 2011 hit “Moment 4 Life” plays as the pair wander through several scenes that are frozen in time — from people on a summer day hanging out on a city street and beach-goers playing volleyball to a fashion show attended by Betsey Johnson and a crowd of people having a battle with tomatoes. Eventually the two wind up at a Minaj concert.

Once the young couple crack open cans of Pepsi again, Nicki and her dancers are unfrozen, and the concert carries on, leaving the young man and woman to stage dive into the cheering crowd.

It’s a cute clip that, dare we say it, stands up with some of these classics soda ads. Do you agree?