Madonna Pays Tribute To Adam Yauch Of Beastie Boys

Robbie Daw | May 7, 2012 8:40 am

Over the weekend, as the music world at large became aware that Adam Yauch of Beastie Boys had passed away on Friday, musicians began paying tribute to the pioneering rapper who went by the stage name of MCA. One such artist was Madonna, who added Yauch and his Beastie bandmates as supporting act on The Virgin Tour in 1985. It was a year before their debut LP Licensed To Ill was released, and Madge gave the trio their first taste of life on the stage at a superstar level. Head below to read the words about Adam she posted on Facebook.

Madonna wrote on Saturday, “The Beastie Boys were one of a kind! And so was Adam! They were all an important part of my musical history and integral to the musical revolution that was happening at the time. I’m very sad to hear about Adam’s passing. God bless him and his family.”

The accompanying photo Madge posted shows her in leopard print shorts and a bra, running from the Boys as they spray her with water from squirt guns. It’s a cute and comical snapshot that highlights the playful nature between all involved during their short time on the road they spent together.

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