Karmin Go Mental In “I Told You So” Video

Robbie Daw | May 8, 2012 8:57 am

Cutesy couple Karmin go absolutely bonkers in the video for new single “I Told You So”, the follow-up to their hit “Brokenhearted” . In the clip, which was directed by Brian DeCubellis, Nick Noonan plays a doctor in a mental ward who shows patient Amy Heidemann a series of photographs in an attempt to jar her memory about a particular incident. As for what that incident is, we have absolutely no clue, other than the fact that some shady business when down at a bar Amy had been drinking at. The main thing we’re talking away from this is that girlfriend has crazy hair when it’s not all done up!

The Jon Jon Traxx “I Told You So” appears on the duo’s debut LP Hello, which was released today. Heidemann’s rap delivery on the track at first comes off as being rather Nicki Minaj-esque. But then, about two minutes in, her mouth starts going at motor speed to the point where it’s nearly impossible to decipher her lyrics. All we can make out is “talk to you later”.

And with that, we’ll talk to you later, because we’re going to watch this nutso video again.

[Via MTV Buzzworthy]