Rihanna Tweets Photo Of Herself With An IV In Her Arm

Erika Brooks Adickman | May 9, 2012 10:47 am

Say what you like about Rihanna (not that she could give even a single care), but the girl keeps in close contact with her Navy. When a fan reached out to RiRi late Tuesday night (May 8) via Twitter asking, “What da fuxx good?! You been quiet all day”, the pop star responded right back with the photo above of her (surprisingly tattoo-free) arm linked up to an IV.

The “Where Have You Been” vixen might share loads of vacation photos, but the girl has been on her grind. Between video shoots, promoting Battleship and performing on Saturday Night Live (the rehearsal for which she had to bail on because she was “sick and needed to save her voice”), it’s no wonder she’s run-down. We would have never guessed that she was still fighting off a cold based on how flawless the Talk That Talk artist looked at the Met Gala red carpet earlier this week (May 7).

But nothing can knock Rihanna off her game for long; girl was on a flight to Los Angeles later that evening. We just know she’ll bounce back before her performance on the American Idol finale in two weeks.