Justin Bieber Tells ‘GQ’ He’s A “Swaggy Adult”

Erika Brooks Adickman | May 16, 2012 2:13 pm

Justin Bieber is legally an adult, but GQ set out to determine whether the pop sensation is a man. From writer Drew Magary’s tale of his time in Los Angeles with the “Boyfriend” crooner, it’s pretty clear he’s not a Belieber. And JB comes off like a carefully-managed, ADD-prone, talented, excitable, polite, kindhearted boy complete with the occasional curse word-filled outburst. Which, to be fair, is probably the best you can hope for from an 18-year-old male dealing with fame and fortune beyond what most people could ever dream of.

It seems the last few years in the industry have taught the Believe artist some tough life lessons. “I mean, I keep my guard up a lot, because you know, you can’t trust anyone in this business,” Justin tells the mag. “That’s what’s sad. You can’t trust anybody. I learned the hard way.”

And yet the Biebs will still go to the mat to defend the honor of someone dissing Kim Kardashian: “People say she doesn’t do anything; she actually does do stuff…. She works hard.”

As for whether or not he’s a man, this sentence pretty much says it all: “I’m 18 years old and I’m a swaggy adult!” Well, actually, that’s something only a boy would say, Justin.

Go behind the scenes of the MuchMusic Video Award nominee‘s photo shoot with this video;