Usher Premieres Clip Of New Song “Twisted” During ‘MTV First’ Interview

Robbie Daw | May 17, 2012 8:27 am

During his MTV First chat with Sway last night, Usher showed some footage from his recent takeover of Fuerza Bruta. What, exactly, is that, you ask? You can read about it here, or listen to Usher explain it: “It’s a play — it’s not necessarily a play in the standard sense of the word. But down at the Daryl Roth Theatre they put on these shows. They take you through range of emotions. It’s not spoken word, but there are these sounds and also these elements that kind of give you the ultimate feeling that is conveyed by this person.”

Uh, sure Ush. Whatever you say. The singer showed three clips from his recent Fuerza Bruta performance — “Scream”, “Climax” and new song “Twisted”, which comes in at about the 3:07 mark in the video above.

Later in the interview, Usher went on to describe Looking 4 Myself track “Twisted” like this:

“Twisted” is more of a nostalgic record, so when you think about the classic R&B record, we managed a way to modernize it, even though that’s very relevant,” the singer said. “You hear records like Cee Lo, you hear Bruno Mars and also Andre 3000, and that sound is very relevant in this time. So this was kind of our way to tie it all together and give you something different that you probably wouldn’t normally get from me.

It’s hard to get a true sense of the song from the short clip played in the video above, but we’re digging the James Brown-esque vibe we’re hearing so far.

What are your thoughts on what you’ve heard of Usher’s new song “Twisted”?