Adam Lambert’s ‘Trespassing’ Expected To Debut At #1, But Don’t Get Too Excited

Becky Bain | May 17, 2012 11:06 am

We’ve got some good news, and we’ve got some bad news for all you Glamberts out there: Adam Lambert‘s sophomore album Trespassing is expected to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 next week! Unfortunately, Lambert’s success might be bittersweet, as his LP is only expected to sell somewhere between 70,000 and 80,000 units, making it the smallest sum to hit #1 since August 2011, when Adele‘s 21 sold 76,000 in its 12th non-consecutive week at the top of the charts.

There’s also a chance 21 or Carrie Underwood‘s Blown Away could walk away with sales way past 70,000, leaving Trespassing to settle for a lower spot. (Both singers’ albums moved over 100,000 copies each last week, though Mother’s Day-related sales may have boosted their numbers.)

The expected first-week sales of Trespassing are also a far cry from those of his previous album. Lambert released his debut LP For Your Entertainment in 2009 during the busy Thanksgiving shopping week. The disc debuted at #3 with 198,000 copies sold, and was denied the top spot by releases from Susan Boyle and Andrea Bocelli.

Sales numbers nonewithstanding, if Adam’s album did hit #1, it wouldn’t just be a career high for the pop star — it would be a milestone for gay artists. According to an article in The Village Voice, no single-artist title credited to an out gay performer has ever hit the top spot on the charts. (The article points out that many artists whose albums have hit #1 in the past have come out of the closet in the following  years, but they were not out when their album topped the charts.)

We’d love to see more out gay artists finding success on the charts (or more out gay artists in general), but we wouldn’t suggest you pick up Adam’s album because you want to help the gay rights movement — pick it up because it’s actually quite good.

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