Far East Movement And Bill Kaulitz’s “If I Die Tomorrow”: Listen

Robbie Daw | May 18, 2012 7:15 am

Yes, we know it’s tough, Far East Movement fans, having to wait until May 22 for the release of Dirty Bass. But, surprise — the album was released in Germany today! And their pair-up with Tokio Hotel‘s Bill Kaulitz, “If I Die Tomorrow”, has finally made its way online. So is it a foray into new glam-rock territory for the East Los Angeles crew of FM? A stab at a more alternative sound? Oh, hell no. It’s another stomping electro-pop dance jam with references (naturally) to poppin’ bottles, girls getting crazy and the group going H.A.M. Hear it below, jello-shakers.

Far East Movement feat. Bill Kaulitz — “If I Die Tomorrow”

“If I die tomorrow, that means we had the night of our lives / if tomorrow never comes, then tonight we lose control,” Kaulitz sings with heavily Auto-Tuned vocals, atop squiggling synths and a stomping club beat.

No new ground is being broken here by any means. But, if anything, Far East Movement’s followers won’t be disappointed, and Tokio Hotel fans who’ve been anxiously waiting for new tunes from the band since 2009 will be curious to hear Kaulitz’s pair-up with the rap-dance outfit.

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