Chris Brown Wants You To Know How Wealthy He Is In New Song “Bitch I’m Paid”

Becky Bain | May 21, 2012 3:00 pm

We still haven’t figured out Chris Brown‘s musical identity — and neither has he, apparently, as the R&B artist continues to flip-flop between euphoric dance artist and swaggy rap star. (Nicki Minaj, Chris is onto your game.) At last night’s Billboard Music Awards, he performed his harmless dance tune “Turn Up The Music”, and today comes the much grimier, much more disgusting rap track “Bitch, I’m Paid.” Quoth Breezy: “Bitch, I’m paid / That’s all I gotta say.” Then say no more. No, reallyPopdust singles out several ick-inducing lyrics we’d rather not repeat here. Hear it below, if listening to Brown boast about his bank account and his virility is your thing.

Pink, any thoughts you’d care to share with us?