Jessica Sanchez’s “Change Nothing”: Hear The Studio Version

Robbie Daw | May 24, 2012 9:03 am

Jessica Sanchez‘s potential American Idol winner’s song (newsflash: Phillip Phillips won last night) is called “Change Nothing”, though we have a feeling there are a few things the 16-year-old wouldn’t mind changing — one of them being the fact that while Phillips’ coronation single “Home” is currently the top download on iTunes, “Change Nothing” is nowhere to be found on the online retailer’s chart, which tracks the 200 most-downloaded songs.

“It did bomb, didn’t it? The song didn’t work well live,” Interscope chief/Idol mentor Jimmy Iovine said to The Hollywood Reporter. Agree with his sentiment? Give the studio version of “Change Nothing” a listen below and decide whether you think the 16-year-old runner-up’s pop ballad deserved better or not.

Jessica Sanchez — “Change Nothing”