Kylie Minogue Plants Her “Timebomb”

Idolator Staff | May 24, 2012 4:37 pm

Kylie Minogue has been teasing fans with hints about a surprise she’s had in store this week — including a countdown on her website and the hashtag #tickticktick — and now it’s clear why. She’s got a slithery new single, “Timebomb”, in which she compels us all to dance before it’s too late. Over swerving synths she asks, “Why don’t you move your body to my body before we disappear?” We can’t really imagine why we wouldn’t, actually. Listen below.

“Timebomb” (produced by Paul Harris and Matt Schwartz) isn’t part of Kylie’s upcoming best-of and isn’t necessarily intended as a warning shot for the album Kylie’s supposed to be aiming for 2013, according to the Herald Sun. Instead, it’s a stand-alone track meant to punctuate her 25th year in pop music, and the the Australian pop goddess is due to perform it on The Voice UK this weekend. (Coincidentally, or not, it also comes days before her 44th birthday, and surely she’s been counting down to that as well). If you’d like to sing along, you can check out the full “Timebomb” lyrics at DirectLyrics.

In any case, it’s a nice return to the seductive minimalism that made “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” such disco-ball dynamite. (And it’s a particularly fun addition to the dance-through-the-apocalypse canon previously established by Britney Spears (“Till The World Ends”) and Jay Sean (“2012”).

The “Timebomb” video, directed by Christian Larson, was shot in London last month.

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