Madonna Tour: Watch “Express Yourself” Become “Born This Way” In Rehearsal

Idolator Staff | May 28, 2012 2:04 pm

Madonna has described Lady Gaga‘s “Born This Way” as both “reductive” and a “wonderful way to redo my song” for its similarities to her own classic “Express Yourself”. But lest the resemblance be lost on anyone, the Material Girl looks to be planning to blend the two songs live as part of her upcoming MDNA world tour. In shaky video footage from a recent rehearsal, Madonna is seen shifting (seamlessly) from “Express Yourself” into the chorus of “Born This Way”. Madonna closes by singing “she’s not me”, from the chorus of the pointed song of the same name from her own 2008 album Hard Candy.

While there may be a way for some to spin this as some sort of superstar-to-superstar in-joke, it certainly seems clear that Madonna is preparing to escalate the rivalry by throwing it in fans’ faces.

Not to ask the obvious, but why can’t they just get along? Both stars are successful beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. Besides, didn’t they sort of settle their differences back on Saturday Night Live in 2009?

Of course, that was before “Born This Way”, which seemed to have ignited the feud anew. Madonna’s been asked about the song repeatedly ever since, and it must be frustrating for a (gracefully aging, for the most part) superstar to be reminded, constantly, that there’s a younger, even “reductive”, version of themselves out there.

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