Paris Hilton Says It’s Not Her On “Louder”

Becky Bain | May 30, 2012 10:07 am

If you’re more well known for your club-going party antics than anything involving talent, the only kind of song you can record when you inevitably attempt a pop star career are those that implore the DJ to do things. (See: Kim Kardashian wanting said DJ to turn up her favorite tune in DOA single “Jam”.) A song called “Louder”, in which its hero asks the DJ to play her song at a higher volume, surfaced today, and it’s credited to Paris HiltonFlo Rida and David Guetta, and incorporates an homage to Journey‘s “Don’t Stop Believin'” (what?!). Unfortunately, it’s not really Paris on the tune: “Getting tweets about a new song called ‘Louder.’ Just to clarify, I have recorded some songs w/ Flo Rida, but that is not one of them,” she tweeted. Too good to be true, folks.

Still, your day won’t be complete until you marval at this piece of pop-trash anyway. Hear what could have been below.

As far as this wannabe-banger goes, that could be Siri on the track for all we know, as the vocals are so Auto-Tuned they’re almost un-human. The song isn’t good by any means, but it’s not as awful as you’d expect. If this appeared on the pop-heavy half of Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded or anything off‘s upcoming #willpower, no one would bat an eye.

As it turns out, Guetta’s rep has informed us that the hit producer/DJ isn’t involved with this track, either. Is this a ghost song? Will anyone come forward and take credit for it?

Paris has been working on the follow-up to her 2006 debut with DJ Afrojack, who, up until today, was her boyfriend of six months. “She’s been going out to raves for 15 years she told me — ever since she was a little kid – and she loves dance music so I gave her some dance tracks,” he told Billboard of her upcoming album, which he’s executive-producing. Now that they’re broken up, we hope this doesn’t hurt their professional relationship, because there’s nothing the world needs more than another Paris Hilton album.

[Via PopJustice]