Justin Bieber Thrills In Norway, 49 Fans Injured In The Process

Erika Brooks Adickman | May 31, 2012 3:14 pm

After throngs of Justin Bieber‘s Norwegian fans triggered a near panic in the streets, the superstar finally took the stage at Oslo’s Opera House on Wednesday (May 30) for what was intended to be a hush hush concert. As the “Boyfriend” crooner tweeted, the “secret show ended up not being so secret. haha”. The result wasn’t as funny — details on fan injuries and video of their waterborne pursuit of Bieber below. 

49 Beliebers were reportedly injured while rushing to see the free gig, which was filmed for his upcoming TV special, All Around The World. And the crowds didn’t just swarm Mike Tyson’s newest boxing pupil during his performance, which included “All Around The World”. They followed him after the concert — by boat. Even Bieber, who doesn’t always like being followed everywhere, was impressed by the fans’ determination. “The fans followed us in a new way,” he tweeted, along with video footage of screaming girls racing through the water.

Would you have hopped in the boat to chase after the pop star?