Justin Bieber Uses A Megaphone To Perform “Boyfriend” Live In Paris

Becky Bain | June 1, 2012 2:46 pm

Not even a mild concussion can slow down Justin Bieber. The pop star is currently in France for a European tour promoting his new album, Believe, and during a visit to Universal Music’s office in Paris’ Latin Quarter, Bieber took to the balcony to perform his single “Boyfriend”. The impromptu show was tipped off by Bieber himself, and if he tweets it, they will come — and they will scream. Even though Justin employed the use of a megaphone, we can still barely hear his voice over the large crowd of girls singing his song back to him.

“I love you Paris! THEN and NOW!! We are a Family!” JB tweeted, linking to a performance of him performing “Baby” on a similar balcony in Paris back in 2010. The more things change — namely the amount of hair covering Bieber’s forehead — the more things stay the same.

Let’s hope everybody made it out of there without injury.