Nelly Furtado Offers “Something” In New Single Featuring Nas

Christina Lee | June 3, 2012 11:57 am

Nelly Furtado may have postponed her comeback from June to September, but she’s still revealing hints of what’s to come. Featuring production by Salaam Remi, a verse from Nas and seductive words by Furtado, The Spirit Indestructible cut “Something” ends up being far from ambiguous. How so, exactly?

“I let my voice chill out,” Furtado said — meaning, she’s reduced syllables in the song’s bridge and chorus to that of a hiccuping, albeit mild-mannered toddler. Still, Furtado makes clear that she’s in the mood to strike a bargain. As she proposes to give, well, something, she also lists her reasons why: “Can’t have a drink without a well / Can’t fall asleep without a spell …”

Remi builds suspense by striking minor bass chords, presumably in A minor, which makes “Something” feel far slinkier than the feel-good soul throwbacks that he’s churned out for Amy Winehouse and Melanie Fiona. That said, the biggest giveaway that “Something” is a Remi track may be Nas’ verse itself.

The Spirit Indestructible is Furtado’s first album since 2009’s Spanish-language album Mi Plan and also her second off Timbaland‘s label Mosley Music Group, which released 2006’s platinum-certified Loose.

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