Wiz Khalifa Performs “Work Hard Play Hard” At MTV Movie Awards

Robbie Daw | June 4, 2012 7:55 am

Not to be outdone by fun. and Janelle Monae‘s MTV Movie Awards performance of “We Are Young”, Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa hit the stage to knock out “Work Hard Play Hard” with a few dozen audience members in tow. And while Wiz worked at belting out his latest single, his friends on stage played hard by having an American Bandstand-style dance party in the background.

Meanwhile, the crowd surrounding the stage raised their red cups and saluted Wiz before tossing rolls of toilet paper over him. Sure, you may think the whole audience participation thing seemed entirely staged, but we’re just choosing to view it as a Wiz Khalifa gig being like the Rocky Horror Picture Show of hip hop concerts.