Gary Barlow’s Diamond Jubilee Composition “Sing” Tops UK Chart

Robbie Daw | June 4, 2012 12:58 pm

Queen Elizabeth II has reportedly chirped up with her approval for “Sing”, a UK single released to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee celebrations. The track, co-written by Take That member Gary Barlow and Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber and performed by the Commonwealth Band, will open the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert this evening at Buckingham Palace. Ahead of that, Barlow stated yesterday, “When the Queen heard the song, she thought it was great.”

Barlow and Weber wrote “Sing” earlier this year, before the Take That crooner, who also acts as a judge on the UK version of The X Factor, visited remote villages and countries across the world (but within The Commonwealth) to find singers and musicians to perform on the recording. You can see the fruits of his labor in the video above. (And, yes, that’s Prince Harry playing tambourine!)

Though “Sing” debuted at #11 yesterday on the UK singles chart, the tune’s parent EP topped the album chart in the country, and today the song has soared to #1 on UK iTunes.

The Diamond Jubilee Concert, which was organized by Barlow and took 18 months of planning, will feature performances by Elton John, Paul McCartney,, Kylie Minogue, Jessie J and Gary’s Take That mate Robbie Williams, among others.

And for those Anglophiles eager to celebrate on this side of the pond, the Sing EP is available on US iTunes.