Katy Perry Will Be Having Sex With Rihanna: Watch The Interview

Robbie Daw | June 6, 2012 1:27 pm

Ever since Katy Perry said she “definitely [wants] to” record a duet with her bestie Rihanna — but that it needs to be “something that is so iconic” (a Calvin Harris/Dr. Luke/Max Martin/God co-production, then?) — we’ve had star dazzles and visions of pop sugar plums dancing in our heads.

So cut to a radio interview the “Wide Awake” singer recently did with San Francisco station Wild 94.9 FM to promote Katy Perry: Part Of Me, where she was asked by DJ Nessa if she’s ducked into a studio yet with her BFF RiRi. “No, but we’re gonna have sex,” she declared. (Remember, this is the “I Kissed A Girl” girl.) Wait — so does this mean that they haven’t already had sex, and that we won’t be seeing footage of such a deed in Perry’s upcoming movie in 3-D glory? Sigh. Watch Katy’s saucy interview below.

To give Katy’s Sapphic answer some context, Nessa was playing “69 Seconds With Katy Perry”, a line of questions where shes gives the singer that amount of time to either answer or pass on some rather direct queries.

The ones Katy passed on: “Have you ever had a threesome?” “Favorite sex position?” “Where’s the dirtiest place you’ve ever had sex in?”

Finally Perry appeased the DJ with her over-the-top response to the Rihanna duet question. She also said she’d “hump” Drake and Tupac Shakur (“only if he was a hologram“), and “dump” Chris Brown. (Rihanna, on the other hand…)

Gosh, why doesn’t anybody ever ask Katy Perry serious questions about the impending Presidential election or the economic crisis or that kind of junk?

[Via MTV Buzzworthy]