Lady Gaga To Announce New Album In September

Becky Bain | June 8, 2012 9:28 am

After an extensive promotional cycle and a touring schedule so grueling even Elton John is concerned, Lady Gaga plans to take a long hiatus after her Born This Way era. Kidding! The pop star has already completed her next album with a possible release for this year. You didn’t buy for a second that she would dare take a break?

“Exciting news little monsters! I’ve played my new record for my label and will be announcing my new Album Title in September!” she tweeted to her 25 million followers Friday (June 8). 

“It’s just gonna be a great record,” Gaga’s manager Vincent Herbert recently said of her fourth studio album. “Look out for the unexpected when it comes to her. So I’m excited… We’re [recording] it on the road right now, so it’s a little hard. But it’s gonna be great.”

As much as we’re curious to hear new Gaga tunes, we can’t say we’d be too upset waiting a bit longer for a whole new album. She’s been on the radar ever since she broke out in 2009, even with her self-imposed “media blackout” — which was barely a blackout at all, what with her televised interviews with Oprah, her Gaga-riffic episode of The Simpsons, her omnipresence on Twitter and various news reports stemming from her Born This Way Ball. What we’re saying is, the Lady needs to go away for awhile and make us miss her more.

But what say you? Do you crave a new Lady Gaga album RIGHT NOW? Or would you rather she hold off a bit and come back to blow the lid off pop music?

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