Azealia Banks Quits Twitter & “The Rap Game”

X. Alexander | June 9, 2012 11:15 am

Nicki Minaj caused a media frenzy a couple months when she quit Twitter out of frustration with her detractors. Nicki’s back now, of course — but will Azealia Banks stay gone for good? It sure sounds that way, based on what the rapstress — sorry, that’s former rapstress — had to say about the move. “no more twitter for me… it makes me entirely too accessible,” the “Jumanji” singer wrote on her Tumblr, which is how she plans to stay connected to fans now. Read more below.

Following some Twittersphere controversy with T.I., Lil’ Kim, and, of course, Iggy Azalea, Banks has decided that the constant stream of criticism is too much. “i just know that being as REACTIVE of a person as i am… i can’t be reading EVERYONE’S thoughts all day,” she wrote. “Azealia Banks just wants to be free! free from social media.. free from the rap game.. free from the haters, and free from the ignorance!”

This, of course, comes right along with her firing of manager Troy Carter, which means Banks is clearly looking to shake up her career at the moment and prune it to her liking. She promises she’ll continue to rap despite her exit from the “rap game,” and plans to focus on being a dance artist instead.