Madonna Bares A Breast For Istanbul

X. Alexander | June 10, 2012 11:58 am

Madonna‘s not sorry. It’s human nature to flash your breast at a crowd of thousands, right? Well, maybe if you’re the controversial Queen of Pop and you’ve got to do something to keep making headlines after all these years. That’s how this 53-year-old woman ended up going wild — in the modern, boob-baring sense (take that, Joe Francis!). The audience at her Istanbul concert got an eyeful of Madge’s right Material Girl during her performance of “Human Nature,” which in turn, made the crowd go wild (in the classic, fully-clothed, loudly cheering sense).

And sure, it’s nothing that someone idly flipping through her Sex book or watching Truth Or Dare hasn’t seen, oh, say, about 86 times, but we should probably just be grateful that she saved this for the good people of Turkey instead of busting it out at the Super Bowl, a la Janet Jackson. But be warned — the clip is NSFW, unless you work at a brothel (nip slip commences just before the three-minute mark).