D’Angelo Surprises Fans at Bonnaroo

emilytan | June 11, 2012 8:58 am

When we thought we would never hear that sexy falsetto or chiseled abs again, R&B singer D’Angelo stunned everyone when he joined The Roots onstage at Bonnaroo this weekend. While the fans went crazy over the neo soul crooner, that was nothing compared to the excitement brimming from D’Angelo’s longtime friend and Roots drummer, Questlove. “I’ve been waiting 12 years to say this: ladies and gentlemen, D’Angelo!” he announced on Sunday night.

Although some fans may have wanted to hear some of the D’Angelo classics, the “Lady” singer entertained everyone with a 90-minute set of classic covers including Led Zeppelin’s “What Is and What Should Never Be” as well as The Beatles’ 1969 song, “She Came in Through the Bathroom Window,” which is featured above.

Considering the fact he hasn’t performed a live gig in the US since 2000, D’Angelo came off like a natural. Although there are reports that his perfectionist attitude pushed him to rely on lyric sheets he had onstage. No matter what he did, everyone was pleased, especially Questlove, who later told reporters how long he’s been dreaming for this live collaboration to happen.

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