Download Charli XCX’s Excellent ‘Heartbreaks And Earthquakes’ Mixtape

Nicole Sia | June 12, 2012 11:47 am

On the same day her You’re The One EP drops, London Goth-girl-gone-pop Charli XCX has released a brand new mixtape so full of chest-clutchingly pleasing moments, it portends great things for her debut full-length. (We’d really love confirmation on when that’s happening, by the way.) The 21-minute, eight-track Heartbreaks and Earthquakes — is that a nod to Kanye West‘s 808s and Heartbreak? — features The Internet‘s recut of “You’re The One” and samples of Blood Orange‘s “Champagne Coast” and Drake‘s “Dreams Money Can Buy”, then stitches ’em all together with nostalgic rips from ’90s teen angst movies Cruel Intentions, The Craft and American Beauty. Hear it below.

TRACKLIST 1. Champagne Coast – Charli XCX / Blood Orange 2. How Can I – Charli XCX 3. Grins – Charli XCX / Blood Diamonds 4. So Far Away – Charli XCX / Paul White 5. Dreams Money Can Buy – Charli XCX / Drake / Jai Paul 6. Lock You Up – Charli XCX 7. Spoons – Charli XCX / Rudimental 8. You’re The One (Odd Future’s The Internet remix feat. Mike G) – Charli XCX

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