Justin Bieber ‘Believe’ Tracks: “Fall”, “Take You” And “Maria”

Becky Bain | June 13, 2012 5:09 pm

We previewed each track off Justin Bieber‘s Believe earlier this week, but as we inch closer and closer to the LP’s official release date (June 19), full songs have snuck their way onto the web. (How could such a thing happen?!) Though some of the more high-profile cuts off Bieber’s latest are collaborations — Nicki Minaj on “Beauty And The Beat” and Big Sean on “As Long As You Love Me”, for example — the 18-year-old pop star still knows how to deliver on his own.

Head below to check out the Bieber-only tunes “Take You”, “Fall” and bonus track “Maria”, based on Mariah Yeater, the woman who claimed Beiber had fathered her son.

Justin Bieber – “Take You”

“I could take you out, I could take you home, I could take you anywhere you wanna go,” sings Bieber in a gentle falsetto on this electro-singed track, which manages to keep it subtle while throwing around synths and wobbles. Disregarding the fact that he’s in a relationship and an 18-year-old man capable of acting on his sexual impulses, we still have a hard time believing that Bieber would take anybody home that he just met.

Justin Bieber – “Fall”

This ballad, with Bieber giving advice to a female friend, is a total 180 from the rest of Believe, what with the lack of anything EDM, or even R&B. We sure this isn’t a leftover from My World? Bieber isn’t old enough to sing about sex or getting crunk in the club, but he seems a little too old for something so slow and flavorless.

Justin Bieber – “Maria”

This really is Bieber’s “Billie Jean”, with the pop star specifically drawing from his experience with Mariah Yeater, who he refers to as “Maria” in this uptempo tune. We can practically see the video for this bonus track already, featuring Bieber doing some fancy dance moves on the sidewalk as each step of pavement lights up as an homage to Michael Jackson‘s video. (The song itself sounds like Darkchild, who wrote and produced “Maria”, was challenging himself to write a song MJ could have sang.) It’s interesting that this song exists at all, as we just assumed Justin would want to put that whole paternity test situation behind him. Guess not!

Justin Bieber’s Believe drops June 19.