Did Chris Brown And Drake Get Into A Bar Fight?

emilytan | June 14, 2012 7:22 am

Chris Brown can’t seem to get a break. Soon after compiling our list of his most controversial moments, the rumor mill went into hyper drive on his whereabouts last night. Late on Wednesday evening, Brown posted a photo of himself with a small gash on his chin. (Trust us, it’s not a good look.) He then expressed his feelings on the cut with a series of ranting tweets like, “N****s throwing bottles! Y’all n****z weak! “Bottles? It’s nothing! Lol. “N****s is p*ssy.”

According to various reports, the people Brown was referring to were rappers Drake and Meek Mill. The three were all at the same nightclub in New York City. However, there has been no confirmation whether or not it was Drake who threw the bottle at Brown. However, the fight was allegedly over Rihanna and relations that the guys had with her. After confrontation ended, they all took to Twitter and let it all out. Unfortunately, all those tweets have since been removed.

While everyone is still in the dark over what really happened last night, photos do say so much. Guess we won’t be seeing Drake and Brown performing together with Soulja Boy anytime soon.

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