Madonna’s Tour Rider: Vegan Food, Bodyguards & Lots Of Rollover Minutes

emilytan | June 15, 2012 9:33 am

Madonna has been busy flashing fans in Istanbul and Rome this week, and now that her latest tour rider has hit the web, we know what and who it takes to energize her for those big reveals. The “Girl Gone Wild” requires a 200-person entourage, which includes yoga instructors, personal chefs and 30 bodyguards. She also asks for 20 international phone lines in her dressing room. And that’s definitely not all.

According to the document, Madge’s backstage area must look exactly like her home — in every venue that she visits. “Madonna requires all the furniture be removed from the rooms and replaced with her own pieces that she has shipped,” Metro reports.

Then that furniture must be draped in a special fabric that smells of lilies and roses, in addition to having those actual flowers (with perfectly cut 6-inch stems) in the room. Her personal chef must prepare strictly vegan foods. And since she must wear the same costumes each night, her own dry-cleaning service must be provided on premises, MTV news reports.

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