Mark Ronson And Katy B Celebrate Olympics “Anywhere In The World”

emilytan | June 18, 2012 1:40 pm

When official sponsor Coke asked Mark Ronson to come up with a song for the Olympic Games in London this summer, he decided to skip the beat makers and sound machines and went straight to the athletes for inspiration. And “Anywhere in the World” was born. Enlisting Katy B to provide the vocals, Ronson recorded, manipulated and combined the natural sounds that came from this year’s Olympians across the globe like Mexican Taekwondo athlete Maria del Rosario Espinoza muffled punches, Russian runner Kseniya Olegovna Vdovina’s heartbeat and the grunts of Great Britain table tennis player Darius Knight. Not only is a great track to get down to this summer, the massive party and choreographed sport displays featured in the music video make it even more epic.

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