Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake” Video: Review Revue

Robbie Daw | June 19, 2012 8:35 am

Katy Perry officially wraps up her two-year Teenage Dream era with her latest single “Wide Awake” (not to mention the upcoming 3D flick Part Of Me) — the eighth one to be drawn from the album and it’s Complete Confection re-release. The video for the tune shows that life has not exactly been a fairy tale for the Platinum pop princess, and the entire clip plays like a metaphor for the magic, insanity and heartache Perry’s success has brought her in recent times. Head below to see our roundup of critics’ comments on Katy’s latest visual.

:: Entertainment Weekly concedes the following: “Whether or not you buy into the platitudes that Perry is selling — sure, she’s had a rough year, and a divorce is a disaster for anyone — the video for ‘Wide Awake’ seems to be just what her fans might want from her at this point in time. There’s a fantastical, whimsical vibe to it that finds Perry teaming up with her own self as a child.”

:: Zap2It.com points out, “Katy Perry isn’t particularly subtle when it comes to her video concepts — anyone who has seen her making out with an Abercrombie model on a beach or with her breasts concealed by two whipped-cream cupcake tops could attest to that. Her latest video offering, for ‘Wide Awake,’ is no different.”

:: Spin quips, “Well, we won’t spoil the ending, but we’re going to guess Perry assumes you know who her ex-husband Russell Brand is, and that their marriage ended. Perry is done living a Teenage Dream, … even though she performs that song 15 seconds later, but now she can make happy endings for herself — with the help of her Katy Kat superfans, who get a shout-out via expertly trimmed shrubbery.”

:: Chart Rigger appreciates the song on its own terms: “The fairy tale-like clip fittingly begins with Perry on the set of her ‘California Gurls’ video shoot, then proceeds through a Candy Land-esque labyrinth of baddies in masks, closing walls, a false Prince Charming and new chances… Of course, Katy is a brand at this point, and she can’t truly say goodbye without the inevitable concert movie/documentary tie-in (the 3D Part Of Me film hits theaters on July 5). But somewhere, under all this gloss and floss, there’s just a good, simple pop song at the heart of it all — and that’s ‘Wide Awake.'”

:: Meanwhile, MTV Buzzworthy is smitten with the visual: “We don’t even really know how else to say this than to just jump right and state our claim: ‘Wide Awake’ may literally be Katy Perry’s best video to date. And if you knew how intensely we bawled during the car crash scene in ‘The One That Got Away’ you’d realize that fully comprehend the gravity of that statement.”

:: The Prophet Blog, on the other hand, is not impressed: “After seeing that horrendous high school talent show performance of ‘Wide Awake’ at the Billboard Awards, I just knew that Katy Perry was going to serve up some tacky ass shit for the music video, and I was right. The ‘Wide Awake’ video looks like it was made for tweenage girls, but that’s because it was, so I’m not mad. The parents of the little girls who listen to Katy Perry have deep pockets, so Katy’s just #gettinmoney and you can’t shit on her for that.”

:: SugarScape types out exactly what we were thinking about the wheelchair scene: “Our favourite moment is probably the weird scene where Katy has all her hair over her face and seems to be working that really sought after Samara-from-TheRing look while doing some creepy shivering and clutching a strawberry in her hand. A standard day really.”

:: Finally, Vulture keeps abreast of the whole situation by stating this: “Katy Perry can light the whole world with her chest sparkles. Just let her shine.”

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