Heidi Montag’s New Song “Heartbeat”, For Your Listening Pleasure

Robbie Daw | June 19, 2012 1:03 pm

Say what you will about Heidi Montag, there was actually a pretty decent jam called “I’ll Do It” on her 2010 album Superficial. On it, the reality star promises over a robotic beat and hypnotic synths that she’ll don “stilettos and fishnets, if that’s what you like,” and vows to be “your hot mess, school girl in curls, whatever you like.” Implicit in its tackiness, Montag later coos for her paramour to “stick your key in my ignition, baby,” while informing him, “you can be my pilot when we mile-high it.”

Unfortunately, her new song “Heartbeat” contains none of the above-mentioned OTT tongue-in-cheekness. Instead we get Heidi’s chipmunk-like, paper-thin vocals filtered through Auto Tune and dappled over a slow hip hop beat, with lyrics that are far less fun. Hear it and heart it (or not) below.

Heidi Montag — “Heartbeat”

“Heartbeat” is a new offering from Montag’s just-released Dreams Come True EP, which is otherwise full of already-released material.

“Can you feel my heartbeat,” the blond pop wannabe mews over fat synths. Well, can you?

[Via The Prophet Blog]