Lana Del Rey To Play Jackie Kennedy, A$AP Rocky Will Be JFK In “National Anthem” Video

Robbie Daw | June 20, 2012 2:49 pm

The collaborative magic between Lana Del Rey and A$AP Rocky didn’t end with “Ridin'”. Turns out the flame-haired pop minx has reportedly cast the dollar-sign MC in her video for “National Anthem”, where — wait for it — Rocky will play President John F. Kennedy and Del Rey will play, naturally, Jackie Kennedy (later Jackie Onassis). “I play JFK, she plays Jackie O. Some cool trippy shit, some real 2015 shit,” Rocky is noted to have said. “People are going to get it in three years, and that’s the whole purpose of it.”

Well, one thing we get now is that “National Anthem” is a total jam, and it’s one of our fave tunes off Born To Die (which just happens to be one our fave albums of 2012 so far, too). Do you think LDR and A$AP will do Camelot justice? [Via NME]